Screen Time for Kids: Reality Vs. Expectation

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

During the Corona times, neither parents nor kids have any options but to attend classes online. On average every child takes 2-4 class per day of minimum 45 minutes totalling to 90 to 180 minutes. Other than that ,these students use internet for homework or watch tv or computer for entertainment which adds extra 60-180 minutes of times. So, roughly a child spend 3-6hrs staring at screen in reality. Stats also confirms the same by leading research organisations.

balanced- Screen-times-for-kids
We should exercise discipline to controls the screen time.

Long back, television used to be small, mostly black and white, there was no existence of iPad, laptops, phones were too boring. People used to love spending time together playing indoor or outdoor games or even just playing Antakashri or Dumb Charades.

But nowadays it is a whole new world to explore, from smart phone to gaming PCs, from LED TVs to projection screen. There are more than hundreds of thousands of games and apps to play and use, millions of movies and serials to watch and to engage yourselves. More than 52.4% of humanity uses mobile phones, PCs, etc. According to a recent survey average screen time spent by kids are 4-6Hrs a day which is alarming.

According to experts opinion, staring at any screen (be it mobile, tablet, laptop or television) for longer period of time can cause CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), resulting to dry eyes, blurred vision, headache etc. It may lead to the following health adversities such as -

· Chronic Neck and Back Pain

· Difficulty in Sleeping and Poor Sleep

· Weight Gain due to sitting ideal for Hours

· Impaired Cognitive Function

· Attention Disorders

· Memory loss

· Depression

For quite a long time, there has been a number of discussion and research about the access to screen time for kids considering its adverse effect on development of social, mental and physical health. All research suggest limiting the access to screen time not only to kids but also to teens and adults. According to the latest research by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), no kids should be allowed more screen time than the recommended usage. Please have a look at the guideline in the image given below.

A study done among 7,000 children of Delhi by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018 with All India Institutes Medical Science (AIIMS) says that 33% children are suffering from obesity because of spending more than recommended screen time.

So buckle up to tackle for this life-threatening adventure with your kids and here are some tips that can help you with a head start -

  • Parent should lead by example by reducing their screen time too

  • Avoid TV, Mobile Phone, Laptop etc. during family meals.

  • Do not allow television in the bedrooms.

  • Avoid Phone 30 minutes before the bed.

  • Take a challenge of X nos. of days/week without TV

  • Avoid using mobile phone if not necessary in front of children















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