Importance of Drawing and painting

Art of any sorts stimulates people's emotions be it drawing, painting, singing or dancing. They have a great impact on moods and emotions. According to many research, drawing and painting improves several cognitive functions. While drawing a child uses the right side of the brain for creativity and left side of the brain for logical thinking. So it can help to strengthen both sides of the brain and can increase the ability to focus and think strategically.

Most of the time, children do not know how to express their emotions using words and actions. Drawing and painting plays an important role here to give them a platform to express their emotions and release their stress sometimes too. So, it can be said that drawing is also an important way of communication. It can help you to understand the state of mind of your child if observed carefully. 


Drawing & Painting helps to improve the following skills-

  • Creativity

  • Memory

  • Concentration 

  • Fine motor skill

  • Visualization skill

  • Communication skill

  • Problem solving skill

  • Observation skill

  • Stress relief

  • Positive emotions

  • Expressing hidden emotions

We know life is full of different kind of problems, it is a great idea if we occasionally take some time off, spend some time with our little ones drawing and painting; and lets the magic of drawing and painting work on our kids.