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PAKWAN (Parent and Kids Well-being Alliance Network) helps to build the parent and child relationship, which nurtures the social, emotional, and physical development of the kid. And, this relationship assists in laying the foundation for the child’s behaviour, life choices, and personality. Also, it can affect the strength of their emotional, mental, and physical health.

Here are some benefits of being engaged with us:

  • Your child can build a healthy and secure attachment with you, and you both can develop content and a happy relationship which will prove beneficial later in life.

  • If your kid has a secure relationship with you, he/she can quickly learn to regulate his emotions under difficult and stressful conditions.

  • This platform promotes the emotional, linguistic, and mental development of your child.

  • The involvement of both parents and children in different activities will lay the basis for better academic and social skills in the kid.

  • Play is essential to the development of children. The kids at a young age can develop different skills through the power of play. Along with this, the parent-child relationship can be strengthened. It can also assist in the creativity, emotions, language and social skills of children.

Bonding is an essential element of attachment that develops between the child and his/her parent. If there is a strong bond between the parent and the child, there must be positive self-esteem and a sense of security in the kid, which is essential for his/her growth and development. And, the responsiveness of the parents to their kid’s signals can profoundly affect the cognitive and social development of the child.

Here at PAKWAN (Parent and Kids Well-being Alliance Network), the child and parent can spend quality time while doing different activities such as:

  • Dancing

  • Writing stories

  • Painting

  • Reading Books

The aim is to increase the bonding between parents and children and improve their social and emotional relationships. PAKWAN will help to build a secure relationship between you and your child. Let your kids know that they are being valued.

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Drawing and painting are very important skills that not only help kids develop fine motor skills but also reading and writing skills too. It boosts self-esteem and allows them to think and do beyond what they see, feel or hear. It improves their visualisation and help them to express themselves through their drawings and paintings.



We are so much dependednt on gadgets. These days people are mostly spending their free time glued to the screens of phones, tablets or laptops. This is one of the several reasons why children are not able to enjoy the importance of storytelling and being deprived of a great medium of the healthy approach of personalized learning.



In Socratic Discussion, kids help each other to understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected through the group discussion. They learn how to act responsibly for facilitating the discussion. This kind of discussion makes them understand how to listen to one another, asking questions, contribute a meaningful dialog etc.  



Acting or Role Play is one of the most creative activities for children and students of all ages. All modern studies show that "Acting" helps children in their overall personality development. It encourages kids to read more, apply their imagination, improves their confidence and communication skills.



Dance improves flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion, stamina, muscle tone, strength and posture and overall health of the kid. Dance allow children to express their emotional and physical strength and they learn the art be being disciplined. It reduces  stress and depression.



Learning computers at early age will always have its advantages. Kids are already surrounded  by computers in different forms like mobile phone, smart TV or laptop etc. If the opportunity given them. it can help kids to be  creative,  to think logically and analytically . 

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